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3 Things That Black South Africans Hate Admitting (About Themselves)

That’s right. Nothing like a cold shower to bring things back into perspective. And if you read that headline and automatically thought that this is some racist bash from some white skinhead / AWB, than you really are an idiot. I’ve been black my whole life and can tell you from experience that yes it can be very tricky. Racist stereotyping is still a very hard reality of our society. When you are “black” there is a tendency for other races to assume that you are “just not as capable” or “you might just steal something” (especially if you wear AllStar sneakers). It comes with being born black and such perception wont be changing in the near future. And if you show that you are more than capable and are actually intelligent, than you hear comments like “you are so different!!!“. I really hate those.


With that said, black people have given themselves a very strange and noble idea of their place in society. And I think that bullshit has reached its use by date.  In today’s society, it seems like everybody has to tip-toe around a black person to avoid offending them in some manner. So, since my fellow black people cannot use the  “you’re so racist!!!” card on me, I think its time you admit that….


…. but just hide it very well (or not).

The thing about being black is that history has given you way way too many legitimate reasons to be distrustful of other races …. and yes, especially whites. The events of the past have given way to the more civilized society we have today (sort of) where outrite  racism is social taboo rather than the norm. But because of the past, the black man still harbors all that hatred for he still feels that ALL white people  still carry the ideologies of his ignorant and retarded NAZI grandfathers. And as such, black people use this to justify reverse-racism.

The basic idea is that they will hate another race, simply because of the perceived idea that other races hate them as well. That’s all. Keep in mind that to draw this conclusion, one does not need to even have an experience which can be termed as being on the receiving end of racism. This conclusion can be drawn by simply listening in on enough “black” conversations, or just being raised by ignorant parents. What cannot be disputed is that all societies have gone through a phase of being racist to a specific culture, what particularly annoys me is just how easily black people hide it and get away with it.

In South Africa, the most racist anything happening, is not the white only town in the Northern Cape or the Afrikaner Indoctrination Boot camp in Pretoria, but rather it is the government policy of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). It is through BEE that in South Africa we have fat cats who get appointed to executive level salaries while having no fucking idea what they are doing in those jobs. Their presence is there to serve a single role of meeting government quotas. It’s through a byproduct of this very policy we can have a suspected murderer stand next to an American president and pretend to know what he is doing with sign language during a memorial service of one of the most important people in history. But somehow this is accepted, no-one cries wolf about the BEE policy in effect because of the usual story of how “it’s now the turn of black people to thrive and how we must never forget how the white man took everything away from black people so long ago” blah blah blah. It’s like a fucking religion. A bad religion.

Through this, black people have developed this entitled-handout mentality where they feel that everything should just be given to them. And hard work? Fuck that. While we are on that…


The first job I got was working as an engineering technician in a production plant north of Durban back in June 6, 2006. Since then I have worked with a lot of people from here and abroad including Lebanese women…

.. and ALL Lebanese women are that attractive  - trust me

.. and ALL Lebanese women are that attractive – trust me

… and I can say without a doubt that when I do start my organisation, only three past and present black colleagues will get a phone call from me purely based on work ethic. The rest will be other races. That is how bad the laziness epidemic is among black people.

I once worked with a black guy who would repeatedly not come into the office because he was “sick”. He stayed close to local shopping mall. The company was also close to same local shopping mall (you can see where this is going). So on lunch we would go out and get something to eat in the mall. Turns out this guy, who should be at home sick, is also in the mall catching up on some shopping of his own.


No problem, the company fired him right? Have  you tried firing a black employee these days without being hounded by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) shoving employment equity numbers in your face? Good luck. While during the apartheid era, the system was rigged to make sure that whites do meaningful and important work to the development of the white side of the country, these days the system is rigged to encourage laziness  for black staff – because you know … fuck accountability.

Don’t think that’s an isolated case. The cleaner which my sister had hired to clean the house on weekends – just stopped coming by. No notice, no apology, nothing. There are entire forums about this. It is interesting how the psyche of people can develop to the point where they are the authors and actors in their own economic destruction. The worst part about this is that it is seen as taboo to even mention this topic in any conversation, because of the usual risk of being labelled a racist – and no one really wants that. That’s why I can say this because I’m black, but my white friends cannot, even though they share the same frustrations.

And then, the very same black people will bitch about foreigners taking their jobs. During my stint at Nokia Siemens Networks, I worked with a girl who had relocated from her home country of India. Aside from that I had a small crush on her, she was a programming god. It would always puzzle me when this topic would come up while talking to some of my black colleagues about why she was hired. And when I asked “Can you do what she does?“. There would be an awkward silence in the room.

You would think that for a people who supposedly had everything taken away in the olden days, but who now have the chance to show just how much they can be would seize the opportunity given. Instead, you have the leadership of the country that is actively encouraging the laziness plague by reducing the school academic pass mark to 30%. And then they wonder why so many black kids end up as criminals. Growing up in a bad neighborhood, bad home and surrounded by bad peers, your last chance is really to make something happen somehow with school marks else your life is going to be a nasty train wreck. But not even a self-respecting criminal organisation would take you in with 30%. I know I wouldn’t.

Having something that you have worked for is lot more rewarding than having something that has been given to you. Maybe that is why people who have built their character or wealth from the ground up are able to maintain it even under difficult circumstances. And we actually have excellent examples of these traits such as Nelson Mandela or Raymond Ackerman to name a few. That noble trait of “hard word pays off” or the Zulu proverb which says “Ubokhuthala njenge ntuthwane” which literally translates to “Be as hard-working as an ant” has been completely lost in black culture.

The sudden obsession of affluence and wanting lots money because life is hard (hard = can’t afford a German saloon) has completely decoupled black people with what they used to consider as some of their most noble traits.

The usual argument I often hear in response to the actions of unfairly placing people in positions which they don’t really belong in is that “We are trying to level the playing field“. That would be true if it weren’t for that…


Here is a very selective crash course on the economic system which our world has used for the last century or so. More so than the market system, the monetary system does not care much about your race. And guess which system is busy bringing down entire counties out there. Yep, it the monetary system.

Back in 1776, a Scottish economist by name of Adam Smith published what was to be the bible of economics as we know it today. The book titled An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations – is a mouthful about everything that concerns an economy such as division of labor, productivity, free markets and so forth. And given that this work was released in 1776, and it’s still the basis of running an economy today, maybe that should explain why economies are struggling to stay afloat around the world. By association, that is like trying to play Angry Birds, a 21st century game, with whatever this thing was…


What Adam Smith never saw coming is that the most profitable area of finance right now is in market trading where money itself is bought and sold for the sake of acquiring more money. And do you know what happens when the monetary system of a country cannot afford to absorb those bogus claims? The government has to fund the market system directly or the whole thing grinds to a nasty halt. How? By siphoning as much money as possible from the public. And by public I dont mean just black people. I mean everyone suffers.




Just to be clear, that is not the West Rand, even though it may seem like it at first glance.

That is what is happening right now in Europe. In particular, those pictures were taken in Greece, the same country which wrote the book on democratic governance back in 6th century B.C.

There are two holy grail(s) which black South Africans love to hold on to. The first being that a) whites had their chance back during apartheid to make all the money they needed so screw them if they are poor now. While it may be true that whites had more opportunities, it is important point out that the white apartheid economy was built on the assumption that blacks people would not be part of the economy EVER, unless that participation was to serve a white master. And because of this, it is only a handful of people in the top areas of business and politics who had contingency plans in place after the Dow Jones plunged more than 40% on October 19, 1987 (Black Monday). The apartheid economy never really recovered from that episode especially since at around the same time, it had started receiving unwanted economic heat as the Soviets had recently blown the lid on South Africa’s nuclear program. While the big shots even then had already seen that the apartheid party was over, the ordinary white guy and woman in the street had no idea how fast things were changing and what those changes would mean. All of a sudden, a job which was guaranteed was not anymore as there was long line of other candidates wanting the same position. The scale of adjustment for whites was immense and as much as we may like to deny it, a lot have gotten left behind since.

Holy grail b) for blacks is that whites are still living the good life so they should not get any privileges as they still have everything. Yes and no. Mostly no.

Yes there were a few who managed to carry their wealth forward into the new era of democracy. And the really smart ones managed to find new wealth during the switch. Good for them. For everyone else though, they are in the grind just like everyone else. What black people mistake as the wealth of their white peers is actually mostly wealth of the parents they don’t see. Parents who’s foundation of wealth was made during the apartheid era. Get the drift? When these two arguments fail, black people will normally revert to the default conspiracy theory argument of saying that whites are looking out for each other and try to empower each other first if they can. AS IF THAT’S A BAD THING.

The end of apartheid reminded white people that they are the minority … by a massive margin. Black people outnumber whites by a ratio of 8.9 to 1 in South Africa. Picture that for a second.


I’ll give you a moment to guess who is the white guy and who are black guys here.

There are literally less whites in South Africa than the number of Jews that died in Hitler’s concentration camps. When you are in a country with a black youth that is sometimes responsible for the savage attacks in remote white owned farms, BEE policies as mentioned above and retarded fanatics gaining political status, that’s how you start viewing the demographics if you are part of that minority.

And black people hate that. They hate seeing the condition of the average white person for what it really is. Doing that would be a reminder that this white person is just like you, he has worries too, he also struggles with bills, he also wants to send his kids to Crawford College but sometimes cannot because things are tight. Doing so would mean looking at the mirror and seeing this person and everybody else around you as an extension of yourself. The enemy image would be gone. And that’s the one thing they don’t want to let go. Because there would be no justification for your bullshit and shenanigans anymore.

And this is exactly what Nelson Mandela always cautioned in us.



    • Fair comments but when you say that “Blacks have been given too many legitimate reasons to trust other races especially whites” You completely ignore the fact that blacks firstly are not one nation. Secondly the biggest outright killer of blacks has been other blacks not whites who in general have tried to halt these black on black murders and genocides in one way or another. Look no further than any country in Africa, yes name the country and I’ll show you a historic factual report where blacks from one tribe have hunted and killed blacks from another tribe simply because they were from another tribe or simply because their big man leader exhorted them to do so and vice versa, not once not twice but repeatedly throughout history. The whites on the other hand seldom if ever embarked on this type of wholesale wanton mass murder and brutality. Usually only killing in response to attacks being launched against them. Again the historical facts are unambiguous and irrefutable.

      Just look at the likes of Shaka who committed genocide to the tune of over 2 million souls. Or Idi Amin or events in Rwanda ,Burundi, Sierra Leonie, Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sudan, Ethiopia etc etc etc where blacks from one tribe as soon as they had the upper hand terrorized and brutalized those members of other tribes en-mass into the hundreds of thousands and even millions. Compare that to the 7500 odd killed not murdered but killed in an insurgency war against South Africa during the entire period of apartheid. Many Africans and foreigners from Europe the US etc believe that hundreds of thousands were murdered by the whites during Apartheid where this was simply not so. A case of a well polished propaganda machine set in motion to play on the emotions of the civilized west who should they have been aware of the real facts would simply have yawned and turned the other way.

      Now tell me who it really is that blacks have to mistrust and fear? Ask the foreigners trying to scrape a living together in black South Africa? Ask the tribes still living in fear in SL or Rwanda and Burundi etc etc who have to watch helplessly as the brutalizes of their families walk in plain view unharmed down the street every day having never accounted for their mass murders and genocides.

      • A rather interesting comment.

        Its odd that you say I have ignored this fact when the article was not based on that discussion at all. In fact the article aims to dispelled this myth that black people have a moral high ground that is higher than that of others. The comment you make makes it seem that I am advocating that black people have never done atrocities to one another – which again is not the case (which I have actually touched on before).

        And yes I know quite in detail the history of our people – including the history involving before the migration down to what is now known as South Africa and yes I am aware of those crimes that were committed even back then. So thank you for your comment but I think you missed the point of the article by quite a bit.


      • I believe you are missing a lot of history. And as the author says, you missed the point of the article. However, your statement “The whites on the other hand . . . unambiguous and irrefutable.” is overlooking so much. Religion has been a massive annihilator of same skin colored people. The europeans were pretty indiscriminate about the native populations they obliterated. King Leopold decimated tens of millions of Africans to build his empire. The religious wars continue in Asia, the middle east, to this day.

  1. Nobody can progress by being and remaining a victim. Progress only comes when you take responsibility for your problems and change yourself. You are the only one that can solve your problems and create your opportunities. Waiting for someone else to give it to you is a waste of your time.

  2. Wow, you are spot on. So few people in this country are talking about the global financial system being on the edge of imploding. Or the inflation figures not reflected the real inflation and we are being fed a whole lot of nonsense where that is concerned. We are all in the same boat and the boat is gong down. Thanks for this article – we certainly need more of this so that we can understand not to fight each other but help one another. The enemy is really on the outside.

  3. One of the most honest articles I’ve read from South Africa in a long time. It’s rare to see such objective writing.

  4. Your blackness and African have really bitten out you. You’re black only by skin and you have no idea what it means to be black. Your reflection is not objective but an attack on the blacks unfortunately the same way the attacks have been modelled by the West ever since. So, you may say that you’re and can honestly say what you say about your people, you have done nothing but take a place of a white man in the podium of an ongoing assassination of the black legitimacy in society. You have not once acknowledged the trauma and denial of the oppressor whom you have befriended now, and with conditions because your friendship with whites is about the attack of blacks, your own people and that’s really bullshit. Believe me, you’ve been dealt with and now hate what you are because of the bullshit you have been fed. No matter how disappointing your black colleagues have been, it was in your own right as the bigger man and African man who is intelligent and hard working to explain to them what you’re sharing right now minus the insults and goble frustrations that is mostly suffered by oppressors. You will have shown an insight and as part of healing your own kind from mental, self-esteem and character assassination most our brothers and sisters suffers from, but you had to take sides first and befriend an enemy. And let me tell you, the enemy is not the race but it is an ideology of the propaganda to oppress and illigitimise the other and constantly attack the character by exploiting weaknesses.

    You’re nothing but seeking man who wants to be a hero of a nation and race responsible for unthinkable atrocities committed in this country worse Hitler and portray them as innocent victims who are in need defense by a Black man, their Hero in an expense of putting an insulting blanket to cover all black people. You’re a disgrace to yourself, family and your own people. Best you get adopted there and don’t identify yourself with us, because you’re a stranger.

    Next time we meet, you better look away, because you have brought shame into our family.

    • The best part is that it is only South African Blacks that I see the above traits in. Zimbabwean and Congolese are way more hardworking and ambitious then you South African blacks. And the only reason you insult the writer is because you yourself is such a coward. Afraid of working hard. And extremely racist to the point that you simply cannot take it if someone that is more of a man then you, tells you the truth.

    • You are what we call,”part of the problem!”
      By we i mean the majority of sensible thinking humans who believe in freedom for all. Live and let live

  5. It’s not even a shock any more that we as black people when told the truth will deny and pull some racist comments on our own brothers and sisters. We are so quick to blame other races yet we don’t look at our selves and really try to change whatever situation we are in. We have come to use Apartheid as our scapegoat. Don’t get me wrong ; yes my grandparents and parents suffered tremendously through that era and it’s something that can never be forgotten easily. I don’t blame black people for holding that grudge but what is the use now when kids are hungry at home and you live in a shack and putting all faith in government to “give you” a better home? Yes most of us have become lazy in always waiting to be given and felt sorry for . What is wrong with actually working hard and giving yourself all that you need and want ?

    • You and the guy who wrote this wow article is an inspiration to me!! I commend you and I am SO sorry for all the hurt and suffering my forefathers caused you and your forefathers.. I wish I could go back and change it but I can’t.. You give me hope that maybe someday we could live in harmony as ONE nation. God bless you

  6. 80% of our land is still on the hands of the whites. Who gave the whites all this land,???

    If we are in this boat together, let’s the blacks be given their land which was taken from them through the Land Act. Then i will gladly accept your article

    • Bonga do you know how to manage a farm? Let alone do you know how to farm and actually produce a good quality product ? If you do why not build yourself enough and buy that farm or work with the farmer to gain more knowledge and actually one day run that farm. We are also so quick to kick people out of their farms(either rightfully owned or not) and not thinking who will run it because after you (not you Bonga?) kicked/killed that person we all would starve and having to import food since South Africa cannot produce it’s own food.

      • Farming is not a place where you can sit in the sun and chill. Farming is a business and takes hard work and very stressful.You can’t just share it, imagine me asking and insisting that an engineering company just give me half his business that he actually paid for and risked his livelihood for to me. I would simply be laughed at, as I am doing now.
        Subsistence farming is not farming, if you want to do that get a plot in Benoni and plant some mealies, pumpkins, keep some goats and a few cows. There is no need to take 10000 hectors and sit on it. The rest of the country will go hungry and we just end up importing food which upsets our balance of payments.
        A nation should only be importing goods and services which they are incapable of producing themselves. In this case the answer regarding farming is obvious.
        It is best left to those who know how to farm commercially,
        I also would like to farm but lack the knowledge of certain types and would not take the risk of doing so, unless off course if I got it for nothing, then everything seems easy.

        I really hope we can all put this hate behind us and move forward and live productively together.

    • Most of the land was uninhabited and made fertile by hard working trek boers. Why would black tribes who didn’t plant any crops, only raised cattle, live areas like the Free State, Northern Cape or actually anywhere besides the south coast. So those land claims are bullshit………..apply your mind or do you just want free land?

      • Kay, false lies that you tell your self and your kids. How else did we survive by just herding cattle? What did we eat and what did our cattle eat?Grass? Please stop lying to your self. We all know how white people came to south africa. Stop trying to make it seem that your race group is hard working and others are not .

    • 80%? Please provide supporting evidence for this claim Government doesn’t know demographics (as in racial profile) of land ownership because is info is not recorded at Deeds offices so please share your source

    • Bongza
      Go read your history again boet. Your ancestors were nomads. You know what that is right? Go google it or webster dictionary. So back in 1650s only the Khoisan owned a little bit of land. Because they were not nomadic. The dutch and English arrived and started with the culture of owning land. Not your ancestors. So get that chip off your shoulder of ever owning land.
      Get that chip off your shoulder in any case. This article clealry identified it.
      So sick and tired of it. Everywhere else i have worked with other races they (especially other Africans) recognised this in Black Saffas. I mean really!!

    • So Bongza, how’s the 20% black ownership working out for you guys? So you even know? What contribution have they made to the national economy? My guess is not much, let me tell you what happened in one particular instance which I was privy to.
      They sold off all the sheep, sold all the fencing and metal on the farm for scrap. The boreholes now don’t even have a windmill on them. Well that was a farm in the Beaufort Weat area that use to have 7000 sheep on it. Well it now produces zero and is not even used for squatting on, just sitting there doing nothing I’m sure a real farmer could benefit from it.
      I have no problem with people of color owning land just please let the right people get it not idiots who’s aunties and uncles are in parliament and pull some strings for their family.
      The people who would most benefit from this would be the workers who have been on this particular farm for more than 10 years and who have knowledge of the actual farm which they are getting not just some random chaps in the location.

    • Bongza if you were given a producyive farm, how long will it stsy productive and profitable?
      Productive dairy farms that were given to people have been known to be become bankrupt and defunctional after a few short years. The prized cows were slaughtered for meat at the wim of the new owners because some family member was getting married. Mechanical equipment were stripped and sold off because there was no milk to generate income.
      In the end a good farm was laid to waste because they had no knowledge of running a farm and how to griw assets, rather they stripped all value out if everything and was left with nothing.
      They were looking to government to give them more cash grants for the worthless farm.
      Are you capable to run a farm profitably? ??

    • Funny how all the previous homelands were in the best farming and rainfall areas, and that 80%of land you cry about, was previously owned by the apartheid regime, is now in the hands of the present government, I.e. The ANC….

    • I suppose you will eat the soil.
      You are singing the same song forever while your enemy are evolving and you stay behind. Open your mind to your brother/sister who has the respect now of most people in this world. All I can offer you as a white South African is my apologies for what my fellow men has done to your ancestors. I did not even have parents to leave any impression of you as a black man on my mind. My truth is of what I observed and experienced myself. How can you call me a racist or order my possessions from me?

    • Bongza some food for thought for you my man. It is predicted that over 2500 farmers are going bankrupt this year. I’m not sure if you know it but South African farmers are some of the best in the world. Knowledge handed down over generations doesn’t help. Farming now is unbelievably difficult ask me I am a farmer. With all due respect 95% of land reform has failed miserably with all the money thrown at it. There is so much talk about taking land back that was “stolen.” If some of the best farmers in the world can’t make a go of it what do you think will happen to it in the hands of uneducated people? All it will do is contribute to food insecurity.

  7. I am so tired of articles like this and we have tried to explain racism in this country so here is the actual truth:

    White people congratulations! You got what you wanted, don’t act all coy this is exactly what you wanted take pride in this its what you wanted.

    You created a system designed to make black people feel and actually be inferior to you, you designed a system that not only stripped their dignity but their whole identity where them being in their natural state you convinced that they are not worth conventional beauty and no matter how hard they tried they were never smart enough unless they agreed with you.

    Seriously white South Africa well done!! You did good you hold most of the wealth, go to the best schools and own most of the land and you’ve convinced black people that you deserve to be there and they should just stay in their slums and if they really wanted to get out they would get a job, because getting a job is sooooo easy.

    But you know what your greatest achievement was and I mean this was actually incredible you fooled the world really. It was Apartheid and the end of Apartheid, that was honestly spectacular how you were all for it and lets be honest you were, I mean it worked for you, you got the best, jobs went to the best schools and universities and if you didn’t prosper in this system well you were just a very special kind of stupid white person. Then when 94 came all of a sudden it was really bad, lol you almost fooled everyone but you know where you went wrong was your passive aggressive behavior to keep things the same.

    So what’s happening right now, the angry students, workers and shitty corrupt government is all your doing!!! I mean honestly your whole system is working you proving your point and if you play your cards right you might get to tell the world that these blacks are lazy even though they clean my shit everyday and they can’t run their own country let alone take care of themselves.

    So black people losing their shit and telling you how racist you actually are is actually centuries of frustration, physical, mental and emotional and this is where you are failing you can’t seem to convince these blacks they are inferior anymore so they starting to see their own worth, and they see how unfair the society they live in is.

    SO whites well done! You got what you wanted starting with the slavery, colonization, the exploration of black people and hyper-sexualizing them because you can’t keep it in your pants, Bantu education,death camps, pass books, curfews, death squads, robin island, state of emergency, and sooo much more.

    Now sadly its coming to the end and you must take responsibility of this achievement because its what you wanted right??? I mean you got what you worked so hard for.

    Now white people reap what you sew. This is what you wanted. I’m sorry to say (No I’m not) but shit is about to get worse and this time the world is watching and there is nothing you can do about it. Why? Because you are racist and like any addict the first step is to admit it and thats how you can get progress, keep denying it and well less and less people start to believe you.

    so my point is well done. You did it now stew in the suffering you’ve caused, bathe in the blood and tears of black people. You deserve every last bit of it.

    • Step up your game and participate in the system because it’s not going away anytime soon it’s the way the world works. Stop crying about it and participate don’t be lazy.

    • Dear ‘The Abstract’

      I am 17. I am a white, female student at Jeppe Girls.
      I have been asked why I killed someones Grandfather during the apartheid era. I have been asked why I was so terrible to black people during apartheid. I have been asked why I don’t commit suicide because I am a worthless individual because I was a part of the apartheid regime.

      I AM 17.
      Born in 1999.
      My Father did not live in SA during the apartheid regime. My mother was a nurse at a local township hospital because she could not stand the thought of people suffering.
      Please explain how all white people are to blame for apartheid. I had nothing to do with it. My Friends had nothing to do with it. My fellow Jeppe Girls had absolutely nothing to do with it. So how can we be blamed for something we were not even born to see?

      There are many whites who hate Blacks. Yes. There are many Blacks who hate Whites. Yes.

      But, There are those who wish that peace could be brought about. And it is nothing short of the whole country that needs to stop this endless blame game.

      We need to understand that you get no where in this world without hard work.

  8. Perhaps family of the late Saul Mkhize? I am impressed by your courage. You are also very objective. One thing you failed to address is the land issue. I own 3 farms. One was bought and paid over 15 years by my father. The next one we bought together and worked and paid installments for twenty years. The last one I bought when my son was still at school. Now, he works with me 15 hours per day 6 days per week as I have done along my dad. Another 4 years and this farm will be paid for. Now, why on earth would I just share it with a bunch of lazy asses that accuse me of stealing land?

  9. I am white by definition of my birth certificate. However I grew up most of my life with society and even family looking at me differently because I had a darker skin colour than them. It felt as if I was not good enough to be white or part of their privileged group. I always felt that I did not belong due to this spoken and unspoken discrimination I was subjected to.

    Feeling so displaced made me very introspective and forced me to look at the world differently. I had to truly look and acknowledge those around me no matter what race, colour or religion they were. I had to see them for what they really are – human beings. People with the same basic needs and wants that we all share; to be loved, accepted, appreciated and most of all to be acknowledged. When I look at a person, I see their being (their innate energy) not their colour, religion or nationality. The problem we have today is that prejudice is forced upon us as it has been done for centuries as a means to divide and conquer and to control the masses.

    We need to learn what is that there is a huge difference between Racism and Discrimination. Racism is an attitude while discrimination is an act. Racism can be thought but not acted upon while discrimination can be oral or physical. Racism is nothing more than a social construct and it is taught and indoctrinated from an early age. Children who grow up in socially diverse groups make less or no distinction than those who grow up in closed groups.

    We absolutely need to acknowledge that what was done under Apartheid was a human atrocity and that there can be no overnight healing. Black, coloured and Indian people were treated inhumanely and no person no matter what their colour or privilege can justify that treatment in any way. The fact that Black people were abducted, experimented on, left on warehouse floors drugged and lying in their own feces is often forgotten. Parents who never knew what happened to their children. Fathers or mothers that never came home. Being treated like dogs and forced to do labour for little or no money. Our past is shameful and just like other past and current global human atrocities, it should never be ignored or forgotten as it should never happen again.

    The past is still with us in the present. White, Black, Indian and Coloured South Africans’ still exploit those around them. For example, Domestic workers are still being paid incredibly low wages and forced to work day and night with little or no time off. Domestic workers are expected to pick up after their employers and do things which would be normal for any sane person to do for themselves. Instead we are teaching a new generation of children that it is ok to be messy and not tidy up as someone else will do it. We teach them that it is ok to not respect their elders especially the domestic workers and talk badly to them. Many people feel so sorry for the beggar on the street corner but hardly feel anything for the domestic worker looking after their own children, cleaning their house, cooking their meals. She/He also has a family, they also have trials and tribulations yet for many they dont even know when their domestic worker’s birthday is.

    I mainly mention domestic workers as they are one of the true heroes of our country. Sacrificing their lives and living away from their families and children. Bringing up their employers children and expending the majority of their lives in service to their masters in order to support and educate their own children. We would not have any part of the majority educated if it was not for these incredibly strong and committed mothers who saw how white children thrived through education and amde sure that they did the same for their own children. We talk about leaders in exile and how they fought for freedom, maybe we should consider the real leaders and freedom fighters were the black mothers.

    Most of the posts or articles coming out about South Africa and our current situation is filled with such racist language that it makes one recoil and feel so unsettled no matter what race, colour or religion you are. We are seeing comments that clearly do not celebrate humanity in anyway but rather inciting hatred that will only lead to further degradation of our society. Just as not all black people are the same, the same is true for the other ethnicities in South Africa. We all want to live in harmony and prosper but this does not happen overnight. The more we continue to play this racism card the longer progress will be delayed.

    A lot of what is happening in South Africa today describes discrimination not racism. We as South Africans need to understand that we have to start removing racism from our dialogues. We need to talk about real discrimination and not generalise eveything as we tend to do. We need to focus on the fact that we all need to acknowledge that the only way forward is not to deny the past but also not deny the potential future we could all have.

    South African needs all it’s people. Scaremongering of a civil war and violence against whites will solve nothing but plunge the country into further darkness. I for one want to make a future for myself and my children in our country. I do not want to spend every day wondering if total chaos is coming and fearing for my family’s lives. I want to continue contribute as I already do to the upliftment of people. I want to be part of the solution that make sure that people live in proper housing and not shacks. I want to see that basic amenities are not a luxury but a right. I want to see all South Africans hold their head up high. I want to see discrimnation in whatever form reduced and for collaboration, appreciation and humanity to prevail.

    As all the ethnicities of South Africa, we need to come together. Stop acting like this is a football match and your team is better than any one elses. We are all one team, let us make this country great and prove that we can overcome the past and create a united future for all South Africans no matter who they are or what their skin colour is.

  10. The author had an opportunity to do some research and write a well written article. Instead it one filled with clichés and gossip. I agree with his sentiment but that is what it is sentiment. There are a few good points in the article.

  11. Good evening.

    I would like to thank all those who have read this article and all those who have contributed to this discussion via the comments section and through the direct emails I have received.

    I wrote this article over two years ago and only now has it received so much attention – in a time we just happen to be going through one of our rough patches as a country. Hence I completely understand how polarized some of the comments have been.

    We are all citizens of this country and by association we are all responsible for what legacy we live on this country. A legacy not to our vanity, but a legacy to humanity. And more than ever we need to be human to prevent this country from heading to the abyss.

    Some of the comments I saw above were very worrying to say the least as they clearly demonstrate the lack of self reflection which every society must go through for it move forward. Some comments demonstrated this noble idea we (Black people) have given ourselves in this society. As if our hands are clean. And even though I completely understand the anger that is directed at White society because of what happened in the past and how how certain structures are within our society, we must caution ourselves from falling into ad hominem as that does not advance by a single fraction the discussion which may sit uncomfortably with a mind that is not willing to accept new ideas.

    Its very easy to have an enemy image and hold on to it. Political theorist Carl Schmitt wrote extensively about this. And yes, most of history has shown that a society functions very well when it has an enemy image which to direct all its resources towards overpowering. I inform those who are angry and resentful in accepting that the Black, Coloured. Indian, White and every other shade that lives here – that is your society. And the enemy image to conquer is your own fear of truly having to interact with them. And that goes for everyone. There is not a single human you cannot learn something from. Challenge yourself and not be afraid to see another as an extension of yourself. Because we all came from the same star-stuff. I think that’s what Carl Sagan used to say 🙂

    Lastly there is an ignoramus here who said I am “white no matter what I say”. I probably know the history of our people more than he does. Which probably makes me more black than him.


    • I share your sentiment. We all need to prosper together, or fall together. Treat each person with respect, unless they personally do something to lose it. Proudly South African.

    • Things won’t change until the rhetoric fed to the masses by the Government changes.

      No ones born racist, it’s something that’s taught.

      We don’t need a R4 billion pimp jet or 12 luxury cars for Zuma’s wives. That money needs to go into schools, we need world class education, for free, for every single person living in South Africa. Grade one to Uni/Tech etc…
      Instead of 6 million Rand choir, how about training some of the unemployed people to give them more skills, small business management, or something like that.

      I honestly don’t care about the race of the Government as longs as they do what we pay them to do, which they are not doing very well.

      I am tired of hearing “Give back our land”… I don’t own land, same as a lot of other white people.
      “I’m unemployed because of BEE” (white) or “I’m unemployed because of Apartheid legacies” (black). No, you’re unemployed because the economy is under attack from the Government in the form of policies that discourage economic growth and investment. More and more people enter the work force each year but there are no jobs to enter into, hence we need growth.

    • Sizwe brilliantly written. You should write more articles like this. It really saddens me that the wounds left by apartheid are too deep to heal. And even when you point out the obvious truth there is no seeing it. We are going into a very turbulent time in South Africa. Hopefully we come out of it better than Zim did. The irony of it is that the vast majority of black South Africans will suffer the most. And it is only when the last white farmer has been chased off his land and the people are starving that whites will be missed. Even with such an obvious example as what happened in Zim wont stop the same thing happening in South Africa.

  12. You should have started this article by asking science how come that there are black and white people.

  13. I’m with still_blamed on this one.

    What happens to the heritage of parents who didn’t make themselves rich, who were too ‘stupid’ to put material things first and dedicated their lives to teaching kids in Berea, to making sure they had soap, female hygiene products and a safe house to stay in when their parents didn’t come to fetch them? Humanity meant more to them. And it always will.

    South Africa. Ey. But if only we didn’t always sew our hate into one suffocating blanket.

  14. I support your article wholeheartedly – and the main message.
    Smalll inconsistencies like “reverse racism” doesnt exist etc etc…. but on the whole a well written article and strong views.
    Keep up the good work!

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