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3 fantastic solutions that prove (once again) that humans are retarded

The concept of a solution has always been and will always exist. Simply because the existence of life itself is a problem to life – as the life form in whatever way will continue to seek better and more efficient ways to do a particular task (or to save itself). A good example of this has always been evolution. You see, some time ago – between 69 000  and 77 000 years ago in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, something really awesome happened. After what can only be thousands of years of indigestion, the Earth simply could not hold it in anymore, and thus resulted was one of the biggest farts in the last 1 million years…

Pictured here: Mother nature seriously letting herself go

This Toba eruption was so big that it is today ranked as an M8 volcanic eruption on the Volcanic Explosivity Index. And do keep in mind that 8 is the highest level on that scale – meaning that Toba was a “mega-colossal” – meaning that it simply destroyed everything next to it, and its effects lasted for ions of years to come. This we know today because when genetic testing is done on humans, it is revealed that humans are generally VERY close on a genetic level. This genetic bottleneck happened right after the Toba eruption and was so severe that it has been estimated that only between 1 000 to 10 000 people might have  survived that eruption – meaning that the 6 billion inhabitants on the planet right now, owe their existence to just those few people.

This mass murder by our own planet was because mega-volcanos tend to release so much shit, so much shit that messes up living conditions on a GLOBAL scale. And this is where evolution saves the day (yet again). Think about it … what is the one thing you would reach for when thousands if not millions of people have died around you, and your species is facing total extinction?


Which could go a long way into explaining actually why are human female breasts are so big when compared to all other animals. It is either because we simply WANT them bigger or that they served as “motivation” to repair the almost extinct human population. And for those sceptics (and religious folks) who still don’t believe in the theories of evolution, please note that evolution is still ongoing – as observant parents have noticed.

The thing is, when it comes to solutions, nature and evolution always get it right (see above photo), unlike humans. What often looks great on paper sometimes has monumental consequences. Such as…

1. IQ testing to measure intelligence

The basic definition for intelligence is a general mental capability that involves the abilities to reason, comprehend complex ideas, plan, solve problems, learn quickly, think abstractly, and learn from experiences [Gottfredson, 1997]. And as this general definition is widely accepted, so are the ranges that define the intelligence. As most tests have suggested – an IQ score of 100 is the average;  while anything above 130 is considered to be exceptionally gifted or intelligent; while anything below 70 is just plain retarded.

way below 70

And this is great – because all of a sudden you can just separate who is intelligent and who is not. You can finally know why that particular employee is performing while the other is not … and so the same goes for the endless realisations about people that can come from knowing their IQ score.

By no means can intelligence be understated in its importance in society. As it is human intelligence that gave birth to technology, technology that has given us all kinds of gadgets which we can worship such as iPhones and Playstation 3’s and just about anything that you need today to exist as an individual. So because these technological wonders seem so brilliant, it is natural to think that these must have come from really smart people with really high IQ scores – and thus emphasizes the need for one to know their IQ scores … to sort of know where you fit in society. And in this website, not only can you take an IQ test, but you can also have your Emotional IQ tested. Sounds great!!!

Oh wait…

The problem is that the human brain is a really complex organ. In fact, the human brain is the most complex organ in the entire body. Actually the human brain is the most complex thing known in the entire universe … INCLUDING the universe itself. That should give you an idea as to how little we know about how it works.

Keep in mind that even today in the year 2010, scientists still dont know why the liver is the only organ in the human body that can regenerate itself after being sliced in half. Keep in mind that  even today in the year 2010, scientists still don’t know why humans and other animals dream when they fall asleep. And yet people have been accepting the  IQ test as a measure of how well a person can reason since 1908 thanks to the French psychologist Alfred Binet, who devised the test as a means of identifying students who needed help with the curriculum he tought. Although this seems innocent enough, the major flaw is the stigma that is attached with the results of the test. Because all of a sudden, the entire population now falls into just 3 categories; dum, average and brilliant – which completely removes individualism – as a person may be bad at maths but brilliant in philosophy. And do IQ tests measure how good you are at philosophy? NO. All this  creates classes within citizens – and classes always separate people and create unfairness in society.  Oh and on that point, may I please introduce you to Stephanie Grace.

Dear Stephanie graduated from Princeton University in 2007 with a degree in Sociology. And currenlty she is on the Harvard Law Review, a student run organisation whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. Oh and sometime in April 2010, she decided to anger every black person in America by sending an email that said:

I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African-Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent.

You see according to Stephanie, black people just dont do the whole IQ thing very well – and its all mother nature’s fault. The entirety of this email was leaked to the Black Law Students Association and it just became one mess after the next. Remember what I said about creating division in society?

Instead of busy trying to classify intelligence in terms of two digit or three digit numbers – maybe its about time that people realise that firstly … people do NOT think the same way. And hence their intelligence is not as easy to define in a simple 1 hour test.  Also, human thought is a bit tricky to understand as it is often influenced by the environments which they are in association with. But what is more important to remember is that ALL IQ tests are shit. What about physical intelligence, conversational intelligence, social intelligence, survival intelligence, and the slew of others that go into everyday life? Why are they not in the IQ test? And there should be a drive to allow the lift of understanding of every human being to heightened levels about science, philosophy and any other important issue that people should not know about. And not waste money in classifications.

And in case you may be wondering what will happen to dear Stephanie – she will be starting a law internship / clerkship with a certain chief  judge Alex Kozinski. And he will probably make her get naked while painted as a cow … as tons of such pornographic material was found on his personal website.

Oh and Stephanie … fuck you to hell!!!

2. Creating laws to keep society in check

The principle of having laws and a judicial system within society is really an attempt by society itself to govern itself and prevent any wrong-doing within itself. And as a result every country today has some form of law of which its citizens are expected to abide by. So widespread and successful is the indoctrination of ALL citizens into believing in the system of “law”,  as a result virtually everyone knows the symbol that is associated with law.

Law in Gold

This creation of principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislation or of custom and policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision [] – is often argued to be main deterrent which keeps things society in an ordelry state. And for when it does break into a mess – laws are always there to bring it back into an “orderly state” again.
And indeed the concept of law and the judiciary system has had victories in the past – no more than the Nuremberg Trials of 1945 to 1946. You see after the second world war finally came to an end as a result of the Casablanca Conference in Morocco where Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of England) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S.  President) uttered the words “unconditional surrender” by the Axis powers of Germany, Japan and Italy – there was a need to impose judgement on the lead men who were behind the Nazi campaign. This is when the communistic maniac Joseph Stalin suggested that between 50 000 to 100 000 Nazi officers should be executed in public for their roles in spreading evil in Europe. Later, American president Roosevelt joked that maybe that number is a bit too high – so maybe 49 000 would be enough. A joke that only politicians would find funny…

good one Roosevelt.

And it is around this time that Churchill and other not so insane politicians suggested that the the war criminals should be placed on trial in full view of the German people so that they know exactly what happened in the concentration camps. So that the German people know how the Nazi’s were making lamp shades out of skin taken from dead Jewish bodies. So that the German people know how they were shrinking the heads of the people they had killed in their past time, just for kicks.
The Nuremberg trials were such a success for justice that now all German people know what kind of hurt and pain their country inflicted on their neighbours. In fact, some of the charges that were laid against the Nazi war criminals were not official charges at the time they were committed – but because they were so heinous against humanity, they were charged with them anyway and those were only made laws during or after the trials. Aren’t laws just wonderful?

Oh wait…

The first problem is that the word “law” has many definitions, and one of those definitions is – “any rule or injunction that must be obeyed“[]. And if you seriously think about it, that very definition throws democracy out of the nearest window. The problem comes when laws are created without the knowledge of the public and without any discussion with the public. And may I remind you that it is this very method is which is ALWAYS used in the creation of laws. And when is the last time your government consulted you about new legislation that it wanted to pass? NEVER. This is despite the endless promises which elected leaders make – such as Barack Obama who promised that American citizens would have 1 week to view and discuss proposed legislation with the government on the internet. Oh and has this ever happened? NO. Ask yourself … how many laws do you actually know about that are in your country? Laws that you have to obey – no questions asked.
And lets keep in mind just how brutal these laws can be – with no better example than the consequences of committing adultery in Iran. While in most western countries where adultery will at most get you a not so favourable case in front of the divorce judge – even if  it has been encouraged by social clubs that actively encourage “swinging“, in Iran life gets much trickier if one has done such an act. Death by stoning, as this poor women cruelly found out.

And then you get instances where laws are actually created to adjust public opinion. Such as in France and Turkey.

You see on April 24, 1915, the Ottoman Empire arrested 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders. And that date was actually the start of the Armenian genocide which lasted for the next 8 years. A genocide that left 1.5 millions Armenians dead.

A common sight during the genocide: An Armenian woman kneeling beside a dead child after fleeing towards the Aleppo desert of Syria.

So how does France and Turkey fit into this whole mess?

Firstly … the centre of power for the Ottoman Empire was where modern day Turkey is. Which basically means is that it was really the Turks who committed the genocide. Secondly … France was very sympathetic to the Armenian people. This is because France was the lead nation which was against and at war with the Axis powers in the First World War – axis powers which included what was then called the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire.  Now fast forward a few decades to October 2006, when the French National Assembly actually passed a law that makes it illegal to deny that the Armenian Genocide happened. Which was really a delta political move as in Turkey, it has ALWAYS been illegal to admit that the genocide happened and that Turkish forces were behind it. So illegal that on August 31st, 2010, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to tell every Armenian migrant to get the hell out of his country unless they stop pestering his government to admit to the 8 year massacre it committed so long ago.

It’s important to be very clear on this – by no means am I saying that the genocide did not happen, as anybody who has bothered to know about the events of that time knows for a fact that it did happen – and knows with the same certainty of who were responsible for its cause. The same certainty you feel for when talking to a person of Armenian origin as I had the luck of while I was in Lebanon ….  BUT it is not just to create laws in the name of adjusting public opinion. And this opinion is directed at both France and Turkey as its laws are really telling its citizens what they should think. And this opinion also goes out to South Africa … which will soon be censing its media. Now where is that democracy again?


But none of this compares to the ultimate problem with laws. Because in all honesty … laws actually achieve NOTHING in the greater picture of society. And it could not be put better than the words of the American Social Engineer, Jacque Fresco, who once said:

Man made laws are attempts to deal with reoccurring problems and not knowing how to solve them, then they make a law.”

To see just how much laws have failed society … just take a look around you. Do laws fix poverty? NO. Do laws fix social injustice? NO. Do laws create better living conditions in a country? NO. All laws do is throw people in prison and raise taxes to ordinary citizens, as afterall, someone needs to feed those people who have been incarcerated. What so many fail to see is that laws only try to fix the result of a broken society. As it is only natural for a person to try and steal for when they feel it is the only option that is left for them. And how does throwing this person in prison going to solve anything? It wont …. because the social condition that drove that person to such a life of crime in the first place has not been removed. That existing condition is only there to be exploited (or will exploit) by the next generation.

A life without law is indeed hard to imagine … but it is possible. But unless the conditions that drive people to commit what can be termed as “socially offensive behaviour” are still apparent in society, no change can ever happen – no matter how many laws you write or no matter how many people you put away behind bars.

3. War as a solution to EVERYTHING

War is quite incredible to say the least … and the most amazing thing is that when countries go into war, there is often a spike in technological and engineering brilliance all in the name of killing people. One such example is the Gustav gun that Nazi Germany built for use in the second world war.


And in case you doubt just how big that gun was, here is the shell that it used to fire. And do notice how the shell is significantly bigger that the tank in the background.

holy shit!!!

The construction of the Gustav gun (which is still the biggest gun ever made) was meant to destroy a string of fortifications called the Maginot line that France had built to protect itself from the Germans after the First World War had come to an end. Yet this weapon of ultimate doom was never fired on France, but it was extensively used in the campaign against Russia – presumably because Russia is the only country that could take a hit from that thing and still survive.

This war that ultimately claimed around 73 million lives in just 6 years while the world was in a state of “total war” – was in short, the result of bitterness and a revenge motive by disgruntled veterans who lost the First Big war (which includes Hitler himself). Yet this show of evil does not really require a motive that is that extreme. Becuase as history has shown time and time again, sometimes it all it takes for countries to go to war is just a small despute like who gets the girl.

I would literally kill millions if she asked me to

If you have watched the 2004 smash hit movie called Troy – then you know the basic storyline – the Trojan War was waged against the city of Troy by the Achaeans (Greeks) after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta. But what most people dont know is that it is actually a TRUE story. Because at around 1184 B.C. that is exactly what happened when the Turkish wife stealing thief nabbed the (probably emotionally vulnerable) wife of a freaking Greek King.

Honestly what the hell did he expect was going to happen? But I suppose the invasion of the city of Troy that followed afterwards was justified as the Turkish prince touched family (in more ways than one). And just to give you an idea of just how old warfare is among humans – they have been constantly finding skulls of the earliest humans to have walked the earth which have evidence of significant blunt trauma to the skull. And I think we can reason that blunt traumas that are visible on CT scans are not the result of being hit by a door.  And its from such examples that conclusions are drawn about how war is just a part of us and we should just get used to it. As war seems to be part of everyday life as it is right now – the notion of a world without war seems ludicrous as once in a while, countries just need to settle their deferences at the expense of ordinary citizens. So no problem – just a part of life.

Oh wait…

The blunt truth is that, war is perhaps the most telling example of how humans have not evolved from the primitive and young species we really are. Come to think of it … the first modern humans that emerged out of Africa did so ONLY about 2.4 million years ago.We are still so much like the other animals that we take for granted and share this world with. And there is one other animal which shares the human trait of waging wars, occupying its neighbours and taking slaves.

These guys

In fact the battle tactics used by ants are so strategic to such that it looks like it is the ants who coach human battle tacticians.

It is quite remarkable that even after 2.4 million years of existence, we still do not know how to live with each other. We still do not know how to co-exist with each other’s different cultures and customs – instead we try with all our might to impose our ideas on others … which leads to elitism of a few over the majority … which ultimately leads to animosity and ultimately war. We are so not at peace with the environment and its natural resources, and that is why bombs are being dropped on the Middle East right now. Because there is this endless need to consume and the need to consume drives us to take by force. Which actually brings me to what Agent Smith said to Morpheus back in 1999 with the release of the 1st Matrix movie:

I realised that you’re actually not mammals …. Every mammal on this planet, instinctively developes a natural equilibrium  with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply till every natural resource is consumed. And the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern… a virus

And that is exactly what we are to one another. Because us humans are so good at destroying each other. For all kinds of futile reasons, such as territory, oil and chicks as it happened in Troy. At some point, us humans are going have to realise (without waiting for millions of years of more evolution) that life is too precious to have a world that we share with over 40 000 nuclear weapons. Weapons that are enough to kill every person on this Earth 5 times over. Because if we dont, there will come a point where there will be a manufactured reason to press that big red button. And that you just dont want…

But hey… thats just humans.


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  1. I believe this is the truth that we just trying to ignore and live with it. This “law system shit”, its just here to inslave humakind and protect the most dengerous criminal of this world who are know owning all the resources nature given to us.

    One of the chinese master said ” throw away morality and justice, the people will do the rite thing. Throw away industry and profit people will not steal”. After reading this aticle now this make sense.

    Keep up the great work sizwe, wish people can start opening their eyes and realise the truth of our existence.

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