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Ignorance is not bliss…

You know this as well as I do – that there is something terribly wrong with this world. And it is not the wrong that is generally fed down our throats by mainstream news channels that always tell us to be on the lookout for Osama Bin Laden and his Al – Qaeda – which as it turns out by the way is a completely made up story by western propaganda. The truth is that Al Qaeda is in fact the name of a computer database that was provided by the Central Intelligence Agency to Islāmic freedom fighters known as the Mujahideen who rebelled against the Russian empire in the days of the Cold War from creating a pro-Soviet Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

Afghan mujahideen passing around the Durand Line border in Pakistan 1985.

The sad fact is that there is actually NO Islāmic militant group called Al – Qaeda. It is all a hoax perpetrated by our leaders so that we as humans have something to fear within ourselves and hence divide us (a point I will stress on later).

The wrongs in this world are also not the wars which continue to a happen in the Middle East, which includes the sadism the people of Palestine have to endure from the Israeli tyrants. The wrongs in this world are also not the abuse of natural resources by mining companies that extract minerals in the cost of the environment, or the oil companies that dump endless amounts of waste products that toxify entire wetlands while committing crimes against humanity like how it’s happening in Nigeria. It’s also not the recession that happened in 2008 which subsequently cost hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to be layed off. A recession which by the way is starting to look as if is not a recession at all – but more like a planned destruction of the financial system as surfacing evidence has started to show.  This was done by the insertion of “credit default swaps” into the market – a contract which nobody seems to have one clear explanation as to what it is and how it works. A contract with a formula which can only be understood by those financial vultures working in banks.

It’s important to be clear that the issues mentioned above and all the others that have not been mentioned are merely symptoms of the true problem with this world. Because the real problem that has allowed things to spiral out of control, the real problem that has allowed such hatred to manifest in so many societies around this world is YOU reading this right now. It is you, your family, your friends, your colleagues and everybody else who does not do anything to make this world a better place for all people. Because at the end of the day, no matter how much you may not want to hear this, it is us who allow such acts to happen by ignoring the voices inside of us that say “this is wrong”.

I often remain puzzled at why the majority of the public never want to know more than they already know, or more than what they have to know. I often wonder if the idea of knowing more than what already fits your lifestyle, knowing more than the ideas that one has built-in their minds about how things are and how things really work in this world – is often the main motivator for people NOT to seek the whole truth becuase it would upset the comfort zones which they live in. And depending on what kind of person you are, knowing can be a problem because you may start to question a lot of things that seem to be accepted by everybody else. But what is most disappointing is that with the dawn of the internet – information has become so vast and so easy to excess. Yet even though so much knowledge is literally at the touch of a keyboard or the clicks of a mouse, society still does not bother to know about anything either than Facebook.

For instance: All South Africans know that the bank fees from the 4 major banks ( Standard Bank, FNB, Absa & Nedbank) are without a doubt the highest in the world. And some time ago, a committee was set up to investigate the ridiculously high fees. And somewhere in 2008, the government-run Competition Commission of South Africa finally released its findings in a report that was nearly 600 pages – and naturally this report was made public. But what the people of South Africa don’t know is that this published report had been “censored” by omitting quite a few details that the investigating committee had found. This sensing / editing of the report came after the “Big 4” pressured the commission to remove these facts by claiming that the information is confidential to the banking interests of the firms and hence should not be made public.

Oh … and how do I know this? A little over a month ago, I found on the net (the same net you have excess to) a letter dated 18 December 2008 and written by a Mr Miranshan Ramburuth which was sent to the WikiLeaks website asking them the to take down the uncensored version of the report (available under Inspired Files). This is because WikiLeaks had somehow gotten their hands on the version of the report that was not made public – meaning, the report as it was before the “Big 4” flexed their corporate muscles. But how could text that has been deleted in the document be recovered from the published report? Well – proving once again that ALL government officials are just plain retarded – they did not just delete the text like how you and I would have done. Oh no … they decided to get fancy and use some software which encrypts the text such that its hidden in the document. And as you know everything that can be encrypted, can also be decrypted.  Its a lot like gagging someone who knows your secrets using duct tape instead of just beheading them.

"As soon as this tape is off I'm going to tell"

Now being an engineer by profession, I cannot tell you what the banks tried to hide by omitting that particular data because most of it is in bank jargon language which quite frankly, I just don’t understand. But this is just one of many examples of how easy it is to know what is really going on in this world.

I have often said before that tyrannical figures in history will often use the publics power or the support of the public to push through whatever agenda they have in mind for social manipulation and control. And this is where you come in – because you live your entire life sucking in downloads which shape your thinking. And to be quite honest, that is all you do. Because as soon as you get home – and for so many billions of people around the world – the first thing they do is switch on the TV. And as soon as you do, the downloads stream in your mind. Downloads that keep you in front of that television by means of entertainment – whether its the form of watching so called reality TV like Survivor or Big Brother, or maybe a sporting spectacle like the FIFA World Cup or even the NBA Finals. And the problem with this is that you quickly become very separated to the people around you – people like your neighbours. So what you end up with is a very fragmented society where people do not meet or talk unless they really have to. Thus creating neighbourhoods like these.

Not in picture: Human interaction

And this is very dangerous for a very simple reason.

People end up with the same general conclusions about important issues that affect their lives. This is simply because for so many, those conclusions that they think they have formed on their own, have actually been formed by the mainstream media that dominate all TV. And those conclusions are just regurgitated from one media house to the next – whether that media house is ABC news, CNN or SABC news. So because there is very little debate among ordinary people, when somebody on television tells them that Osama Bin Laden are out for their blood – they swallow the story whole heartedly. And the propaganda campaign does not stop there – as we are now surrounded from every side with shows like CSI and NCIS which continually numb people’s minds into believing stories which are utter bullshit.

I often wonder why is it that people will dedicate so much of the little brain power they have left into solving, say a problem they have at their daily work – yet never taking the time to get engaged and get informed about world affairs. Affairs such as the recession of 2008. You see – while most people think that the recession just spontaneously happened or it is the public that caused the recession by failing to pay for their home loans, the truth is that the 2008 recession, just like EVERY other recession before it, was deliberately engineered. And to understand this you have to understand that there is a guy called  Larry Summers.

aka The Architect

Just to be clear – Summers is not a building architect. He is in fact an economic architect. The same economic architect that was the Secretary of Treasury in the Clinton administration. The same architect which is now the Head of the National Economic Council of the Obama administration. And more importantly, it is this same architect which in partnership with  a Timothy Geither (Treasury Secretary for Obama), Robert Rubin (Chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations for Obama) and Alen Greenspan (former Chairman of the Reserve Bank of Chicago) – are the lead men who are actively destroying the world’s currencies in preparation for the introduction of a single world currency. And of course this is all done in the oversight of President Barack Obama, who by the way is serving as Chair in the United Nation’s Security Council – which completely violates Section 9 of the United States Constitution (available under Inspired Files) which says:

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.”

Sidenote: Its probably worth mentioning that an article titled – Obama: The Devil in black skin – is on the pipeline.

So how are these guys destroying world currencies? You see there is something that happened during the days of Clinton. The Architect introduced something called credit default swaps or derivatives into the market under the lie that they would make the market more efficient. Its important to understand that these contracts were to provide one thing and one thing only – quick excess to massive amounts of credit. And with these contracts, these guys got very rich. VERY rich. And then, at the time of their choosing (which was November 2008) they can just burst the bubble – fucking up entire economies so that they can just ask for more money from the U.S. government – which it was happy to provide as bailout. I always find it funny that a bank can get bailout money from the government when it says its made a mistake in its business dealings – yet when I make a mistake by buying a computer sketching pad (which works like shit by the way) from Virgin Megastore in Lebanon, I am forced to swap it out with a digital camera when I try to return it. In fact I was only allowed to swap it out because I returned the sketching pad the same day I had bought it in – meaning that if I had returned it just one day later, they would have simply given me the finger.

Future Virgin Megastore employee

So as a result you end up with an economy of which the national debt is 375% of the counties’ GDP. And just as so you understand the severity of the problem – that 375% does not include the debt created by those derivatives. You see, those derivatives right now have a negative worth of $ 1.5 Quadrillion dollars – and no, that wasn’t a typing error. Oh and on the topic of a single world currency – please note that the Chinese government is actively pushing for a the establishment for a single world currency. And since you skipped Politics 101 in school – that would mean that the single world currency would fall under a single world government – because there would only be one reserve bank to govern this new currency.

This is the world you live in. This is the world we all live in. And it is wrong for YOU to allow yourselves to be manipulated and divided by people who wear overpriced suits and appear on ballot papers. It is wrong for YOU to continue and let these people make decisions which are not favourable to life for all humanity – decisions that plunge entire countries into war and despotic rule. Because at the end of the day, those leaders YOU elect, draw from your silence when making these decisions. As soon as you understand this – that’s when you understand that each one of us are responsible for the evils that happen in this world. Because WE let it happen by not opposing it. Each one of us are responsible for the wrongs in this world – which include the continued apartheid regime of the Israeli government to the people of Palestine. It is us who put these leaders in their post … and then we never bother to know about what they are really doing, not what they appear to be doing.

There is no government that is more powerful than people who are united. And governments know this – that why we are continually provided with all kinds of propaganda and ideas that separate us whether by ethnicity, class or religion – and anything else for matter that keeps us separated from one another. Because that is the goal – to keep us separated and ignorant. That’s why when you have such people in the top, it is crucial to be curious, its crucial that you dont lose that spirit of wanting to know … Not because its going to  make your day any better, not because its going to bring you some money, but because its brings you knowledge for when its time to make a decision, at least that decision you make will be based on knowledge – and not lies.

National Geographic once ran a commercial titled Live Curious, with the following lines:

If you are, you breathe…

if you breathe, you talk

if you talk, you ask

if you ask, you think

if you think, you search

if you search, you experience

if you experience, you learn

if you learn, you grow

if you grow, you wish

if you wish, you find

and if you find, you doubt

if you doubt, you question

if you question, you understand

and if you understand, you know

if you know, you want to know more

and if you want to know more, YOU ARE ALIVE.

I ask you to do the same.



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