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The dummies guide into understanding the Arab – Israeli conflict

Well in light of pressure from the United Nations and pressure from the International community – there will indeed be a formal inquiry as to events that led to the killing of aid workers who were on their way to the Gaza strip to deliver humanitarian aid. The inquiry will be headed by Israeli supreme court judge Yaakov Tirke and the White House has conveyed its approval for this. Now right there you should have seen how much of a joke this really is.

Its important to understand that this inquiry will be conducted by Israeli officials, not independent officials just as the United Nations had asked for. So just to sum up – the country which committed the murders will conduct a fair assessment to see if the murders [it committed] were justified or not. And do keep in mind that this is the same country that gunned down 4 Palestinians at sea, yet again, for suspecting that they were on their way to attack Israel – only weeks after they had attacked the ship that was carrying goods to Gaza. To say that Israel does not give a damm about the human rights of its neighborers or international law is quite an understatement. Kinda like a certain villain which we all grew up knowing about…

Genetic testing has proven that he is in fact Israeli

Now the situation concerning the Arabs and the Israelis in the middle east, and how much there always seems to be some kind of conflict between the two, is largely a result of the decisions that were taken after the Second World War. But it is important to note that the Jewish society has never really been popular among Europeans. This is largely due to the fact that ancient Jews, like modern America, had a tendency to create its own enemies. One particular example is that during the 8th century, what is now modern day Portugal, Spain, France and Andorra were actually under Muslim rule. And their rule was very much an Iron Fist rule.

So instead of laying low and just going about their lives, the Jews picked a side, and were very helpful in the continued rule of the Muslims in that area. So naturally when the Muslim rule was toppled and the Catholic Church started running things again, the Jews found themselves in a problem with real estate. And on March 31, 1492, the Jews were eventually given an official eviction notice.

The actual copy of the eviction notice (the Alhambra Decree)

Now it is possibly at this point that the Jews remembered that actually God had promised the holy land of Israel to Abraham, son Isaac and grandson Jacob, who are widely regarded as ancestors to all Jewish people. [citation needed].  So began a slow trickle of Jews to the land of Palestine where this so called promised land is said to be. And by 1914, it is estimated that about 40 000 Jews had settled into Palestine territories.

As the trickle migration never seemed to stop, the Arabs in Palestine were quickly becoming pissed off – so much so that they took up an armed revolt (1936 – 1939) against the Jewish migration and oppressive British rule in the area.  But with Hitler slaughtering every Jew he could find in Europe, the influx continued at an even accelerated  rate.

With over 73 million people dead (11 900 South African) and 2 nuclear bombs later, on September 2, 1945 the world decides that it had had enough of war, at least for a while.  And it is at this time that things turn for the worst in the middle east. With the British still in control in Palestine, and the incoming Jews being rounded up in refugee camps that were starting to look like permanent houses for them, for a very brief moment, the Jewish community actually worked alongside the Arabs in trying to get rid of the British. The Jews joined the fighting under the semi-terrorists groups of Irgun and the Lehi. And “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” tactic worked, because the British got fed up with forever trying to be the boss in the region – left and went back to England to have some tea with her majesty.  And without a moments pause, the policy in the region went back to “the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy“, which the United Nations figured it had to somehow rectify. So the ever so brilliant United Nations figured since there are so many Jewish refugees in any case, why not just divide the country (Palestine) into two countries so that everybody lives happily ever after? And in 1947 that is exactly what they did by adopting United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181. And just like that, by the virtue of a few signatures on some pieces of paper, the country officially looked like this…

Not surprisingly, the Jewish community accepted this plan, because they get to be close to the “promised” land. And not surprisingly, the Palestinian Arabs, backed by ALL 21 nations of the Arab world, said no to this plan. Because essentially the United Nations is advocating the takeover of Arab territory. A while later, the Jewish community, on May 14, 1948 declared independence and officially announced the country of Israel to the world. And that is actually how young Israel really is as a country. This act angered the Arabs so much that in the very next day, 5 Arab countries (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq) launched full scale aerial and ground assaults on Israel.

1948 Jordanian bombing of Jerusalem

The 1948 – 1949 Arab-Israeli war later became known as the War of Independence among the Jewish society. And that should give you a clue as to who won that little fight. And this is one of two occasion where the Arabs seriously dropped the ball.

Understanding how the Israelis actually won that war is not very easy because you have to remember that at the time when the war started, Israel was 1 day old. And as you know, building sufficient resources for war is not really easy to do in one day. Secondly, Israel was surrounded by countries which were far bigger than it, mainly Jordan, Egypt and Syria. But to give a glimpse as to how Israel won the war, you have to understand that the Israeli army is not made up of just soldiers. The soldiers found in the army are usually drafted into war by the leadership. That is why even today, any high school senior who finishes his / her studies, the first thing they do is serve in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Oh yes, and remember those semi-terrosits groups called the Irgun and the Lehi? Well during this war they also fought the Arabs…. and their man power layed the foundations for the formation of the IDF (which was formed during the war).

Anyway, with the war won by 1949, the Israelis continued to build their economy, but more importantly bought a whole lot of military components and arsenal from former Soviet nations and of course, the USA. This was possible because when the Jewish community first announced their country to the world, the U.S. and the former U.S.S.R. were among the first nations to recognize it as a country – which in politics, usually means that you are now allies. Meanwhile the Egyptians, like most of the Arab Nations that fought in the 1948-1949 war, were pretty embarrassed that they got their asses handed to them by such a small country. So the Egyptians did the only thing that a country in its position could do – seize control of the Suez Canal by nationalizing it. In case you dont know, the canal is a vital river like thingie which allows ships from Europe to travel directly to Asia without going around Africa. And when you remember just how massive Africa is, you quickly realize what consequences this can have for a lot of economies in Europe – because now the Egyptians can control who goes through the gate and who does not.

By 1967, things had indeed gone a little south with the Palestinians constantly launching attacks from the borders of Syria (much like how Hezbollah does from time to time these days). And this had prompted that the Israeli government to start issuing its warning to the Syrian government to control the bad behavior of the Palestinians, or face a total invasion, in the name of teaching them some manners.  Meanwhile the Russians (USSR) had remembered that war is actually quite fun, and a lot of money can be made from it. So they started telling the Syrian and the Egyptian governments that it is only a matter of time before the Israelis invaded both countries. The Pharaoh’s being totally gullible, responded by stopping any ship that comes to the Suez Canal flying an Israeli flag. Also, at exactly 10:00 hours on May 16, 1967 the commander of United Nations Emergency Force that was stationed at the Sinai Peninsula, General Indar Jit Rikhye, was handed a letter from General Mohammed Fawzy, Chief of Staff of the United Arab Republic, reading:

To your information, I gave my instructions to all U.A.R. [United Arab Republic] armed forces to be ready for action against Israel, the moment it might carry out any aggressive action against any Arab country. Due to these instructions our troops are already concentrated in Sinai on our eastern border. For the sake of complete security of all U.N. troops which install OPs [observation post] along our borders, I request that you issue your orders to withdraw all these troops immediately.”

This simple act of trying to get the United Nations out of what may be harms way, of a mess it started in the first place when it passed General Resolution 181, quickly backfired as the Israelis saw this act of the removal of a neutral party between enemy states means that Egypt was preparing for war. And at 07:45 hours, June 5, 1967, while the Egyptians were probably still having breakfast, 188 fighter jets left Israel on a surprise preemptive strike that effectively removed the Egyptian air force from the  fight.  Even though the Egyptians had a far superior air force in sheer numbers, those sheer numbers were always left basking in the sun for everyone to see and none of them were in bomb shelters.

After they had finished off the Egyptian air force, they quickly destroyed any fighter and bomber aircraft from Syria, Jordan and Iraq. Even with Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia aiding their fellow Arab states in the war, it really did not matter – and the whole thing was wrapped up in 6 days. Yes … just 6 days. Thats why its called the 6 day war. And at the end of this war, Israel took over whole buckets of land from Arab states. So much land that Israel’s total land mass increased by a factor of 3. And Palestine changed to look like this…

You see that small landmass that has Gaza City and the landmass west of the Dead Sea? Those are called the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Those two pieces up land make up what is generally known as the State of Palestine. Now it important to be very clear about something here. Earlier I had referred to this area in general as Palestine and not State of Palestine. This is because Palestine and State of Palestine are two VERY different things. A simple formula clarifies this.

Israel + West Bank + Gaza Strip = Palestine

State of Palestine = Gaza Strip + West Bank + Inhumane treatment by Israel

The last part of that equation can be expanded further :

Inhumane treatment by Israel = [ Omnipotent + Tyrannical + Supreme + Impossible + Sadistic ] X 100

That last formula is very significant, because it reflects broadly what Israels foreign policy is to not just its Arab neighbors but also to others who will extend a helping hand to the people of Palestine. And this was explicitly expressed when Israeli forces gunned down 12 Turkish humanitarian workers who were going to deliver aid to Gaza – which in the process, it lost one of its last allies in the Middle East region. But does Israel care? Probably not, because it is 1. friends with the biggest empire in the world (USA) and 2. it has nuclear weapons  – which it tried to sell to the oppressive apartheid government of South Africa. That alone should tell you volumes about how Israel does its business.

Now I have never been and will never be one of those writers who write for the sake of just reporting a story and not forming an objective opinion or taking a side about the story. That is something for those retards at CNN to do. The fact is – what Israel has done in the Middle East is wrong. How they have continued to oppress the people of Gaza and the blockade they have imposed since 2005 is wrong. And I do not care about how their “Holy” books say that Jerusalem is their “promised” land. That crap has never been proven and if God would really promise them land, I am pretty sure that he would pick a part of the world in which if they were to settle there, it would not result in the torment of others who originally inhabited the land. And this whole mess is just one example in a long list of how the United States together with the United Nations have caused unbelievable amounts of harm in this world. Till this day, Israel is one of only 3 nations that have never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty. And guess who shelters Israel from international scrutiny of its nuclear programs? You guessed it … the U.S.  And given its bad behavior it continues to do to the Arabs in the Middle East, what makes you think for one second that it wont use those nukes when pushed?

You know, as much as I dont like how the African National Congress (ruling party of South Africa) has conducted its affairs in the recent years, there is always one thing which I have always respected about them. They are for the liberation of the country of Palestine. They are one of the few governments in this sad world who have openly said that the county of Palestine needs to go back to the people of Palestine. Because to a large extent, its a grim reminder to what South Africa and so many unlucky nations had to go through.

But does Israel care? Probably not. Because thats just Israel for you…



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