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3 video game plots that are closer in predicting the future than the Bible (and Nostradamus)

Man has throughout the ages spent eons of spare time just wondering how the future will be. And it’s not surprising because humans have that inclination to dream and try to figure out how things will be in the future given how they have been in the past. And as a result,  a few ludacris predictions can come out of this endless dreaming.

Take the Bible for instance. We all know what happens in Revelations. The four horseman come to lay waste to everything. Bringing humans to the the brink of destruction in some form of divine justice because of the endless sins which humans constantly make.  Yet so few ever see the gaping hole in this story. You see, horses are very unpredictable animals. And they are afraid of just about anything that makes a really loud noise. Now as you can imagine, when the world is busy coming to an end, its not going to be all nice and quiet when all this is happening. Yet the bringers of death will be strolling on horses as if all is calm? Not exactly. You can be sure that when the world is starting to look like scenes from the Transformers movie, those horses will go bizzerk with fear, resulting in this…

destroying the world ..... FAIL

Now clearly this was in fact just a lapse of imagination of the scriptwriters of the holy book. And as a result, there have been many others who have come fourth with better versions of how things will be in the future – more particularly, how the world is going to come to end.

You see – long ago lived this badass foreteller called Nostradamus. This guy came up with so many predictions of the future that he ended up writing an entire book about them called the The Prophecies. Just to give you a taste of how good this guy was, here are a few of his writings (which have been translated into simple English)

Predictions about the next anti-christ:

Out of the country of Greater Arabia
Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed…
He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
He will be the terror of mankind.
Never more horror.

In the year 1999 and seven months
From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols;
Before and after war reigns.

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.
Fire approaches the great new city.

By fire he will destroy their city,
A cold and cruel heart,
Blood will pour,
Mercy to none.

Ok – so maybe he wasn’t very accurate about that one since none of that happened. But before you dismiss him as a retarded French douchebag, this is what he wrote about what will happen when Bush and company decide that they want some oil in the middle east:

In the City of God there will be a great thunder,
Two brothers torn apart by Chaos,
while the fortress endures,
the great leader will succumb.

The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.

On the 11th day of the 9 month,
two metal birds will crash into two tall statues
in the new city,
and the world will end soon after.

So I suppose he’s got something going for him on that part. Though lets be clear about a few things.

1. There is no such person such as Chaos who tore apart the two brothers. The only person that has been documented at tearing apart people is Jason from the Friday 13th movie franchise.

2. The war that has sprung since, is not a big war – just a religious genocide on Muslims of the middle east.

3. New York City is not the city of God – that title is still held by Rio de Janeiro. And it will hold that title until Dec 21, 2012. Because that is when the world is suppose to end (yet again).

Which brings me to the year 2012. Anybody who has watched the almost tragic movie 2012 will know that things will turn shit-storm on December 21 of that same year. Things get so bad that eventually everybody left alive has to flee to South Africa as it is one of the few countries which have been left in tact. Now let me be clear about something – I will personally fuck off anyone who sets foot on Durban’s coast line. The destruction of your country and continent would have had nothing to do with me or anybody in South Africa for that matter. Our country is overpopulated as it is and we really dont want 5 billion refugees.  Anyway… apparently its is not only Nostradamus who predicted that this will happen, but is it also said that the ancient civilization of the Mayans foretold this event. In case you dont know, the Mayans were a group of super advanced people who lived in what is modern day Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and western Honduras. And they had things quite good – that is until the Spanish came with an ancient version of the Spanish flu. This was because as per rules of evolution, a spices that is not genetically diverse is a lot more vulnerable to pathogens. And at the end of that extreme scale – that very rule goes a long way to explain why kids resulting from incest relationships are generally fucked-up.  Anyway, although the glory of the empire was never to be seen again, the few that did survive managed to forge the foundations of the Latin – American community which we share this world with today. Such as Mexican born model Jesikah Maximus.

dont you just love the Mayans?

Now the Mayans were very beautiful (see above photo) but they were also very smart. And smart people do not predict the end of the world out of the blue.  Thats religions job. Its important to be clear that the Mayans never really predicted that the world would end in 2012. The only thing that links the Mayans and 2012 is that the calender they used came to an end in 2012. But that does not mean the world is going to end in 2012. Kinda like how your computer calender ends at 2099. And that does not mean that the computer will suddenly explode on 2099.

Its when you look at these facts that you really understand that the predictions that have been about how things will be, what will shape our society, and what major events are going to happen – are all shit. Because there is just simply no way for a person to know for sure what tomorrow or any other time which has not been covered by a watch, will bring.

But if you must, if you have that burning desire to know whats going to happen in the years to come – so that you can start stockpiling on food if you think Armageddon is upon us – you might just want to pick up a joystick and play a game. Because the fact is, those same video games which are being said to make the younger generation be couch potatoes and look like blobs and violent maniacs, are often a very good indicator as to how the future will be. Below are three futures that have been foretold by geeks who spend days in the basement, writing endless lines of code for our enjoyment.

3. The Inevitable War over Natural Resources

Fallout is a game that was released in 1997 which was produced by Tim Clain and developed by the California based Black Isle Studios. The basic storyline of the game goes like this: Fallout is set several decades after a worldwide conflict brought on by global petroleum shortage. Several nations begin warring with one another for the last stores of fossil fuels, namely oil and uranium. Known as the Resource Wars, fighting begins in April of 2052 and continues until October 23, 2077. China invades Alaska in the winter of 2066, causing the United States to go to war with China and using Canadian resources to supply their war efforts, despite Canadian complaints. Eventually the US annexes Canada in February of 2076 and reclaims Alaska eleven months later. After years of conflict, on October 23, 2077, a global nuclear attack occurs. Nobody knows who strikes first, but in less than two hours most major cities are destroyed. The effects of the attack will not fade for the next 100 years. As a consequence, humanity lives in underground Vaults though some people affected by the radiation live topside[Wikipedia].

Now at some point you have to go top-side to complete a series of missions which one of them includes having to destroy a whole bunch of mutants. Wait… mutants? Well yes. You see, nuclear radiation has the tendency to fuck up your DNA in horrific ways. And this was especially clear in the Japanese towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the U.S. Army went on its most douchebaggary mission. Now unlike the people of those towns of whom sustained significant fallout either died a slow and painful death or developed cancers which they passed on to their kids, in the game, some of these people and their offspring start turning into things that can barely be recognized as “once was human”.  So what this means is that finding a partner in this part of town is what you might say… a little difficult.

Not exactly what you had in mind when you subscribed to AdultFriendFinder

So lets just recognize just how close we actually are to this kind of situation . Right now there are wars waged by the Unites States for the control of natural resources. Mostly oil. And why do you think? Besides the obvious fact that there are very greedy people out there who there is no limit to the amount of profit they want to make in a given financial quarter, another reason is that actually, one day there wont be any oil to go around. And this is the thing that people sometimes forget – somehow people just think that the oil supply is just endless, which is not even close to the reality of the matter.

Picture this for a second – one day a geologist confirms that oil in Niger Delta has been depleted. Now when you consider that raw unprocessed crude oil from Nigeria is the highest quality available anywhere, you quickly realize that to say that the price of oil will increase is probably the most underrated statement ever made. And because governments, being the douchebags  they are, would have still not changed how they do things, meaning they would have not switched to renewable energy for everything, the demand for oil from other parts of the world will quickly increase. And this will only speed up the depletion of those oil reserves. Further pushing the price up. What this will eventually mean is that there will be countries out there that will virtually not be able to afford oil. So now you have a humanitarian problem just because people cannot get oil which today, is used to make everything from this keyboard that I am using to toothpaste… and just about everything else. And thats just the beginning…

Eventually, the parties that will be in control of the oil will not be willing to sell the oil anymore. Simply because by they selling it, they are putting their very livelihoods at risk. So everybody now holds back their resources because they have become too dependent on the very system which they have built… a system which it’s only a matter of time for it to crumble. And by anyones account, that is a recipe for a lengthy global war for any other resource that may still available.

And lets not forget about water. Can you imagine what  is going to happen when the only place to get drinking water is at your local supermarket? And before you dismiss that claim as being ludacris please consider the following numbers. Right now – even though 70% the world’s surface is  covered by water, only 2.5% of that water is drinkable. 2.5% which has to somehow reach 6 billion people. Oh yeah and it actually doesn’t reach everyone – because right now, according to the United Nations, 1.2 billion people don’t have excess to safe drinking water. That’s 20% of the people alive right now. And it is estimated that by 2050, that number will climb to 3 billion. And with climate change making shit of the rain pattens, you can be sure that those numbers will rise above the estimates.

So you tell me… what ‘s going to happen when water, the most basic of needs to survive, is more valuable than gold and oil combined… and in the control of the wrong people? Whats going to happen is that the fight for its control will become the norm.

2. The Dawn of Unnatural Life

Resident Evil is perhaps one of the most important games ever released. No game before it had ever been a survival horror type of game (gamers will know what I meant with that). And ever since the first one was released back in 1996, countless other game developers have tried to make something similar to it to try and feed off its success. The origimal game was created by Shinji Mikami in Capcom studios (the same studios which brought us the ever immortal Street Fighter series).

The plot of the game is as follows: A series of bizarre murders have occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City, with signs of cannibalism on the victims’ remains. The Raccoon Police Department’s Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS) are assigned to investigate the murders. STARS is divided into two teams: Alpha and Bravo. Bravo team is sent first, but after contact with them is lost, Alpha team is sent to investigate their disappearance. It later turns out that deep beneath the surface of Raccoon City, the government has had a laboratory filled with the best scientists which specialize in organic and viral microbes. And they have successfully managed to create a biological weapon dubbed as the “T-Virus”. The virus is released in the compound by a rouge scientist and it infects the entire populous of both human and animals alike which had been used for clinical research. The infected are transformed into a zombie state – whereby their basic need to feed is never fulfilled but have in fact lost their consciousness. And as a side affect, what this T-Virus creates is perhaps the most unwelcoming pet you can ever have – aka. the ultimate guard dog.

"Caution, I am on duty!!!"

So what does this have to do with real life?

Have you ever heard of something called Synthetic Life? If you have not than clearly you are not reading / listening / watching the right news. Unannounced to most people is that scientists have just managed to create the first forms of synthetic life. And to understand what all the fuss is about concerning this, its important to understand what the word synthetic means.

According to, synthesis is – noun something made by a synthetic, or chemical, process.

And right there should you have recognized that this is something be very cautious about. You know what else is generally made by a chemical process? Plastic. And nuclear bombs. So this in fact means is that they have found way to create life through a chemical process.

It’s vital to be clear that this is nothing like anything that has ever been done before. Take cloning for example. Cloning involves the replication of DNA of the party that is being cloned in host cells that have had their DNA removed. So essentially you are passing DNA through a photocopying machine. And this is where synthetic life creation is vastly different. Because instead of using existing strands of DNA to make life form, with this new “technique”, they can now chemically create the DNA of the life form. What this theoretically means is that, with further research done, they will be able to design life that will be made to do very specific tasks.

Now depending where you look at this from, its either the most important scientific breakthrough since the heart transplant or is the most terrifying thing since the nuclear weapon. Think about it. This kind of research can pave the way to the irradiation of cancer – forever. Because now you can design cells that will find and destroy cancer cells. You can theoretically design cells that will dispell oxygen as a waste product – something that can go a long way to helping the the current problem of global warming. In all honesty, the real world applications of this kind of research are only limited on ones imagination. Because now you can create living organisms based on what you need them to do. The same manner in which plastic used for water bottles is a little harder than the plastic used for sandwich wrap – yet both are still plastic. Its quite increadible really.

Big problem though. This technology is in the hands of humans – and humans are assholes. Ever heard of bio-terrorism? Remember when envelopes filled with Anthrax started showing up in peoples mailboxes in the U.S.? It is vital to understand that there is no bio weapon ever made that can match which this could do if it were made a bio weapon. Because now you dont just rely on the characteristics of a virus to do the killing – but you create how the virus will kill, which organs it will attack, how fast it will kill. I assure you this is not exaggeration. This is the potential of this technology. And all of a sudden, that T-virus is not looking to be so distant in the future. And there is another problem.

You see, there is something which all scientists tend to ignore – you dont fuck with nature. Remember what happened in Brazil in 1957? A scientist by the name of Warwick E. Kerr was busy interbreeding European honey bees with Southern African honey bees in the hopes of making a super bee that would produce honey at an insane rate. What resulted is a monstrosity that could not give a shit as to how much honey he wanted. Killer bees so insane that there are reports of people being stung up to 500 times – just to make sure you understand that they dont want you around their hive.


Contrary to what scientists will say – the thing is, even with all their education, there is just stuff even they cannot understand. And this is especially the case when it comes to life and its creation. There are just too many variables which have not been accounted for, and playing with experiments in that kind of domain is just dangerous and may have dire consequences.

1. A World Consumed by Endless War

The Metal Gear series is without a doubt the most successful game series in the history of gaming. The from its start in 1987, the game has been created by Japanese game developer Hideo Kojima who set the bar on the stealth gaming genre on which no game has been able to surpass – even today. Just so you understand how great the Metal Gear series is among the gaming industry and gamers – after the release of Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots in 2008, Hideo received a lifetime achievement award in the MTV game awards. The game was so technically stunning, with such brilliant storytelling that it received a perfect 10 from reviews by IGN and GameSpot, an achievement that it shares with only 4 other games ever made.

Although the series has a war setting and is of the action genre, and thus contains large amounts of graphic violence, it has an underlying tone of pacifism. This is reflected throughout the series which has dealt with such themes as the futility of war, the absurdity of nuclear deterrence, the dangers of nuclear weapons in general, the psychological effects of warfare on children and adults, the concept that enemies are only enemies in relative terms, and motivations behind the different lifestyles individuals choose. This tone and some of these themes reflect the mindset of a large amount of the Japanese cinema made since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

MGS4 is set in 2014, a time when the world is consumed by war. The wars are held by private military companies (PMC’s) which outnumber all the government forces of the world. The PMC soldiers are fitted with nano-machines which enhance and control their abilities in battle, control the release of endorphins after each kill so that they they dont feel guilt, control the tolerance of pain so that a flesh wound feels like nothing. Basically, nano-machines that create the ultimate soldier. The entire network of nano-machines is part of a bigger network that controls the economy and profit and loses for every war that is fought. This system called Sons of the Patriots (SOP), is totally self aware and needs no human input or oversight for it to function. You play as Solid Snake in the attempt to take down the villain “Liquid” as he tries to gain control of the SOP system, which would mean he gains control of every PMC soldier. Throughout the campaign you wear a camouflage suit that that allows you to blend in the surroundings… and also makes you look as bulk as a steroid junkie.

Now if you look at the world today with an objective mind, you realize just how close we are to the world that Snake lives in.

Now I am no means saying that this will happen by 2014, but in a world where the biggest empire in the world spends well over 500 billion in arms and war, you really begin to understand that the wars of today are not fought because of the difference in ideologies or for defense or liberty and freedom. The wars of today are fought so that continuous money can be made from it. The solders are not the warriors they once were who took to the fight to defend their country. The solders of today are employees, just like everyone else, that work for the financial institutions that run things behind the governments we see on ballot papers. The desperate public of which horrific crimes have been committed against them, look for answers from the people they see on television – and all they get in return are lies. Lies which divide them among their ranks, thus fueling animosity even between neighbors. Just like how it happened in Rwanda in 1994.

In 1994, while South Africa was celebrating what it thought would be democracy, the Rwandans were busy slaughtering each other on a mass scale. But the killings were the result of long tensions which have been associated with the countries struggles. In 1990, a rebel group called the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) invaded from Uganda. And most of the RPF were mostly made of tribesman from the Tutsi clan. At this point, its probably important to mention that the country of Rwanda was under Hutu rule. Now to understand the animosity between the Hutu and Tutsi people, you have to go back a few years.

Before the first big war of 1914-1918 the entire country was under the rule of Germany and Belgium. And during this period of colonialism, the Tutsi were given privileges such as some form of education, and generally were not subject to the slavery system which was in effect in that country. The Hutu’s (who outnumber the Tutsi’s 4 to 1) got the rough end of the stick as they were not only just slaves to the European colonialists but also the Tutsi’s. Now I’m sure you can imagine the kind of hate that can manifest in a situation like that. Then with the war in Europe not going so great for Germany in 1916, they decided to cut their loses, leave the country and focus their time in destroying the British in the trenches. Thus leaving the Belgians in power until 1959 – and when they left, the Hutu’s came to power because they were the majority after all.

If you were Tutsi back then and the first thing that came to mind is “Holy shit!!!” when this was happening, you had very good reason. Because all of a sudden, the people who were your slaves are now running government … and they dont like you very much. Holy shit indeed.

Now fast forward to April 1994. The Hutu government being still in power and still threatened by the RPF which invaded the country only 4 years prior, uses a government owned newspaper to divide the people.  The newspaper called the Kangura, starts publishing stories about how the Tutsi people want to “enslave us again”. Playing into people minds by using the social and economic situations which the people face on a daily basis.  At the height of the propaganda campaign even local radio stations would join in to entice people into taking “fast decisive action against these cockroaches who are still loyal to the Belgians”. And on April 7 the first Tutsi was hacked to death.

April 1994 cover of the Kangura newspaper. Notice the weapon of choice which is being hinted for use.

Exactly 100 days later, 800 000 Tutsi’s had been slaughtered. That is 20% of the country, gone in 100 days.

Its important to be clear about something. Even though this may may seem like another primitive African country going to war with itself is some kind of sporadic violence – the truth is its not even close to that. This was well planned end exceptionally executed. The propaganda campaign was the best since the days of Hilter. And that is what people have to understand. That everyday, they receive little messages that attempt to shape their thinking towards the conformity of something that is not the ambition of their own … but of someone who is a lot higher than them.

And that world of propaganda is a lot similar than the world in which Snake lives in. Solders and sometimes civilians are enticed into doing the worst of things because at the end of the day, it is someones end game. Oh and on the topic of private military companies or PMC’s – in case you doubt their existence, please note that the Hutu government in 1990 hired a PMC with ties to South Africa to push back the rebels over the Ugandan border. And just so you understand that this is not an African problem, please know that the United Nations, yes the same body that was established to be a last resort to war and conflict, now embraces the use of PMC’s.

So if you ever wish to know what the world will really look like in a few years, pick up a game at your local tech store. You’ll be suprised what you find in it. Because sometimes, its not just a game…


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